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Who We Are

Cosmic Fractal Magnitudes LLC is an art company that specializes in providing a broad spectrum of artistic products & services including, but not limited to, Culinary, Media Productions & Drone Sevices, Event DJ, & Fine Arts.

Botanical Mandala Art Clothing & Novelties by Design


147 products


135 products

Bryar Rabbit

141 products


169 products


132 products

Cross Faded

171 products

Smoochie Boochie

144 products

Bogan Kisses

57 products

Soft Kiss

167 products


134 products

Botanical Mandala Fine Art / Clothing / Novelties

Botanical Mandala Fine Art

32 products

Botanical Mandala Art Clothing

196 products

Botanical Mandala Art Novelties

168 products

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