White Rabbit Podcast Guest Appearance Part 1 with Katillist Jones & Shean Chris

This is part 1 of a 3 hour discussion covering some of the most relevant contemporary contraversial issues, stemming from a call to action for California residencts to stop Oxitec from releasing BILLIONS of Genetically Engineered Mosquitos from Northern to Southern California & all throughout the Valley. This is the same company that has already begun this bio-weaon attacks in Florida, coincidentally the opposite coast of the U.S. from California, where they plan to conduct the same anti-natural, apocolyptic attacks on the good people of the West Coast. An overwhelmingly mounting pile of evidence from previous attacks, such as conducted in Brazil, show that the stated purposes of these releases are not being met & the the efficacy behind the stated intentions of these releases is not there. Why this is allowed to continue while the only evidence being claimed to back up the release of these demonic beast instects is being held, privately, by Oxitec, which is legal, but does not make sense if the data does show any benefit from these unethical practices that will have unimagniable consequences that we have no plan to correct, should this turn out to cause harm. It is our opinion that the possible harm that can come from attempting to control nature in such ways far out weighs any benefits that could be yielded. It is our opinion that Nature is the ultimate authority of our existence & that trying to control or negate nature for any reason or purpose will surely encourage its wrath & ultimately Eschaton.

Aside from the issue of trying to play god, we delve into any issue that most people will do almost anything to avoid at the dinner table. Come join us for this first half of an intense & exciting conversation with the great minds & philosophers of our day & age. We look forward to having you join us & reading your responses to our ideas in the comments on the White Rabbit Podcast with Katillist Jones & Sean Chris.

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