Collection: Botanical Mandala Fine Art

Our art is about divergent thinking. It is about freedom, opportunity, efficacy, sustainability, accountability, & diversity. We work from our experiences in life, manifesting our reality into tangible works of aesthetic beauty & appreciation. We value quality over quantity & find that its not really the ends that justify the means, but the means that will ultimately justify the ends. We appreciate the practice of existential masochism as a path to noticing the things about this experience of life that can be more easily missed or excused as undesirable. These practices have led us to find that the ugliest truths are always more beautiful than the prettiest lies & that we are born alone & we will die alone, so we might as well live together. It is our opinion that self defense is an act of peace & that life either evolves or it perishes.
We do not make Cannabis or Hemp art any more than we make Sun Flower, or Bougainvillea art, flower art, plant art, or nature art. Our art consists of real, dried & pressed, plant material as well as nature detritus, found, collected, & preserved in UV protectant epoxy resin. It is not drug related, as it does not promote drug use in any way. Our art is about appreciating nature. We find that all the plants we use in our art are simply, “Flowers in the Garden” of Earth. It takes open minds & divergent thinking to break down the social stigmas, discrimination, & inefficacious prejudices perpetuated by ignorance & fear that stunts our growth & development as individuals & as a species in general. It takes people like us to expose ourselves in order to expose the truth about the conditions of life & the world we live in, to offer new perspectives through the practice of traditional forms of art with a contemporary touch. It also takes people just like you to support the freedom of expression & love that is art. We hope that you can look past the social conditioning of the nefarious intentions of close minded authorities to find the beauty & resonance in our Botanical Mandala art.
Botanical Mandala Art 2021 Collection
Pussy Bone Botanical Mandala